Draw Two is hosted, edited, and produced by Josh Harper and Adam Graf.

The hottest gossip this week:

-Cupheads and Controllers 1:42 - 8:22

-What is Epic Mickey? 8:22 - 10:47

-Hype for Stardew Valley on Switch 10:47 - 14:27

-How we feel about Halloween 14:27 - 22:04

-Holiday Rankings 22:04 - 35:59

-Birthdays and Attention 35:59 - 46:58

-Emails and Big Pants 46:58 - 51:25

-Adam's Question: Output 51:25 - 56:06

-Top Email Hackz 56:06


Draw Two is hosted, edited, and produced by Josh Harper and Adam Graf.

This week:

-Marios and Mini Games 00:00 - 17:03

-Fantasy Life, Hats, Trends, and Uniforms 17:03 - 29:22

-Adam Criticizes: "Adulting" 29:22 - 39:51

-Josh's GameStop Adventure 39:51 - 47:19

-Josh Recommends: The Warrior's Franchise 47:19 - 51:29

-Adam goes to Lush 51:29 - end



Episode 24: Woof.

This week, Josh and Adam talk about:


-The phrase "woof" and it's possible alternatives 0:00 - 10:44

-Thaddius Rex, revisted 10:44 - 20:25

-The pokemon manga 20:25 - 31:18

-Will anime always be a subculture in the US? 31:18 - 41:18

-Josh recommends: Fantasy Life 41:18 - 47:42

-"Where's my Wario Ware Mobile Game?" 47:42 - 50:40

-General Waluigi Nonsense 50:40


We are joined by Emily Eklof as we begin with breakfast sandwiches and end with Adam's very well written Hobgoblin book, it's anyone's guess what happens inbetween.


We are joined by special guest Justin Vorel, who helps us debate Clown Vs Mime, discuss orchestra social dynamics, and really unravel this whole "sonic" thing.


Today we dig into various fandoms and recall how our passions for various media have affected our lives, then take a break by celebrating the botched Pokemon Go festivities, and eventually work our way back to talking about how terrible reference humor really is.


Adam and Josh celebrate Prime day by talking about bad theatre and standup, debating proper text etiquette, and revisiting our old buddy Dragonball.


Special familial guest Abigail Graf joins us to discuss the goings on in Pokemon Go!, as well as lend us her expertise the the various waves of vlogging.  To perhaps no ones suprise, we finish things off with a little sitcom talk.

Music featured: Lobby Time from http://incompetech.com



Episode 18: JUMP!

Josh is getting close to done with Community so it's time to check in, meanwhile Adam is unraveling the mysteries of Frogs and Groves.  We finish things off with Adam's WarioWare check-in before discussing Josh's foray into the mulitplayer world.


This Episode we begin with a little arts and crafts, then Adam gets deep on some Myers-Briggs nonsense, Josh gives an update on his Community journey, and we all discover the joys of Thaddeus Rex and his Accidental Charisma.


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